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The TikiTail Story 

Our Pina into your Colada. 

TikiTail started when the owner moved from Jamaica and ended up in London. 

She really missed the tropical feeling, at fist, she would travel and explore many Islands and ended up in Hawaii. Enjoying the cocktails, food, ambience and people.


With the wish of escaping back to Hawaii, on her Return back to London, there was a lightbulb moment. She wanted to tell the Tale of Tiki.. The named rolled off her tongue, matching it with her entrepreneurial spirit and determination


The brand embodies escapism, fun, indulging, providing tasty yet healthy food and drinks whilst at the venue. 

TikiTail prides herself in representing a day and night culture. With a vibrant and relaxing restaurant/bar environment . Once the hour strikes where it all changes, simply make your way down to the basement, there you will enjoy TikiTail's nightlife.

Meet Our Team 

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